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Chris Hardwick Meets Hitler

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As Chris prepared to walk off the dimly lit, quiet stage of @Midnight, long after the others had left, he heard a voice.  "That was funny...but it did give me an idea."  The voice belonged to Paul F. Tompkins, one of the comedians that had featured on Chris's stage that night.   Chris squinted, only able to see the shadow of the other man.  "I thought you had left.  Did your car die or something, Paul?  Do you need a ride?"  Anything further Chris might have said died the second Paul appeared in the dim light.

Paul was dressed entirely in a Nazi costume, including shiny black boots, even Paul's hair was combed straight and to the side.  Chris burst out laughing, bending over, in tears.  "Oh God, Paul, I love it!"  Approaching the laughing man, Paul gave a twirl then gave a nazi salute.  By the time Chris had finally stopped laughing, Paul had a riding crop in his hand.  "Since you made me look like Hitler, I figured on a little revenge.  I do look like Hitler now, don't I?"  Chris grinned, but he noticed that Paul was not smiling back, in fact looked very serious. 

"You like role play, don't you?" asked Paul with an evil glint in his eye.  Chris backed up a little but it was too late.  To his extreme shock, Paul pulled Chris's pants down and pushed him down on all fours.  "What..what are you doing?"  Praying that no one was in the building to happen upon this, Chris found that he was a little turned on by this.  With a hard, unforgiving crack, Paul brought down the crop on Chris's buttocks.  "With every strike, I want to hear you say, Heil Paul F. Tompkins!"

The next strike came and Chris yelled out, "Heil Paul F. Tompkins!"  By the time Paul had delivered a proper spanking, Chris's was hoarse and in tears,panting.  Yet even as Chris stood back up on shaky legs, he was filled with need.  However, as he pulled up his pants and took a step closer to Paul, leaning in to kiss the other man, Paul snickered.  Chris stopped dead and stared at Paul.  With an evil chuckle, Paul smirked at Chris and said, "I said it was revenge, not something for you to enjoy."  As Chris just stood there stunned, Paul gave him an achingly tender kiss on the forehead.  "Have a good night, Chris."

Chris watched as Paul sauntered off, feeling the pain of his buttocks sinking deep, but his hard cock bothered him more.