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Hardwick vs. McHale

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Chris had just finished filming the show, and like most times before he went backstage and left for the day, he would spend a few more minutes chatting with the audience.

As soon as the audience has left, it just left Chris and his last remaining guest; Joel Mchale.

Chris D'Elia and Wil Wheaton were also on the show but they had already left together with an incredibly hot and rugged looking man.

Anyways... That just left Chris and Joel.

The times before, Chris would've just left and went home to his not so loving wife. But, something about tonight was different. Chris wanted something different. Something new. Something refreshing. Chris wanted to feel the heat of someone else tonight. And he knew exactly who he wanted.

Joel Mchale. He wanted Joel. He wanted to feel the weight of him. To feel his hot breath on his neck and his strong hands on his body, as Joel would, no doubt, continue to pound him into oblivion.

For the entire show Joel kept eyeing Chris behind his podium when he thought Chris didn't notice. But he did notice. Oh he noticed. So much so, it had turned him on a little.

For the entire show, Chris kept thinking about Joel, and what it would be like to be with him.

Chris always secretly had the biggest crush on Joel and always wanted him as a guest on his show. And now he had. And he was going to savour every minute of it.

To say Chris wanted Joel would be an understatement.

Joel Mchale is hot. Rugged. Muscular. Strong. And by the look of his pants, one can only assume extremely well endowed. Not to mention, that ass.

Chris wanted to feel Joel. To touch him. He wanted Joel to bend him over his podium and make him his bitch.

And the fact that Joel look a lot like a taller, hotter version of himself, made it even hotter. It would kind of be like fucking himself.

Chris walked over to wear Joel is still standing by his podium.

"Great show tonight", Chris says with a smile as he lightly pats Joel on the back.

"Thanks for having me". Joel looks into Chris's eyes and smiles.

The height difference was a little much. I mean, sure Chris was the perfect dick sucking height for Joel, but to kiss him, he would need a stepstool.

Chris continued to have a million dirty thoughts running through his mind when he suddenly felt two strong hands come up from behind him and grasps his waist.

It was Joel.

Joel leaned down and sensually ran soft kisses down Chris's neck, tickling him with his sexy stubble. He continued to kiss and suck at his neck as one of his hands slowly made it's down to Chris's crotch, grasping hold of his cock through the fabric of his tuxedo pants.

Chris loved the way Joel's large hands grasp his cock.

Chris turned around and met Joel's eyes. Wanting and needing, he reached his hands down and undid Joel's jeans, and letting them fall to the floor. He grasps hold on Joel's crotch as he leaned up into him and placed a kiss on his lips.

Chris had to stand on his tiptoes to reach but he had made it.

Chris slipped his hands in Joel's boxer-briefs, wrapping his hand around Joel's mass. He slid down to his knees, yanking Joel's underwear down as well, freeing his cock.

Chris's eyes widen at the sight of Joel before him and couldn't wait to get him in his mouth.

Chris took Joel into his hand again, squeezing his now hard cock, letting precum drip down the back of his hand. He continually stroked Joel before slowly taking him into his mouth, a little at a time. He sucked Joel, licking his shaft, fondling his balls, and even fingering his butthole, occasionally.

Joel had subtly tapped Chris on the shoulder, getting his attention to stop before he came.

Joel had plans of his own for his tiny doppelganger. He picked Chris up from off the floor, turned him around, and bent him over the cold, hard podium, forcefully. He swiftly yanked Chris's pants down as he gave him a brisk, hard slap on the ass.

Joel positioned himself behind Chris before entering him. He reached a hand in front of Chris, grasping his cock in his hand as he continually thrusts himself into the smaller man. He pounded Chris's tight ass, riding him hard into the podium, almost coming close to knocking it over.

Joel soon pulled out and finished all over Chris's ass.

Soon after, Chris did the same.

"Points!!" Chris screamed as he shot his white, stinky liquid all over the podium in front of him.

Out of breath, Chris lean on the podium along with Joel.

"Great. Show. Tonight" Joel managed to say as he looked deep in Chris's eyes.

"Yeah" Chris began. "I'll definitely have to have you on more often"

Chris and Joel hung out for a few more minutes before they both left and went their seperate ways, and back home to their wives.